LED 4x4 Quad



  • ​Customer defined wavelengths
  • ability to select intensity and output profiles
  • Ability to turn on the UV with instant response.
  • Ability to adjust the intensities to meet the need of production.
  • ability to explore in a deeper way the cure response of different wavelengths
  • Customers are able to stack these 4 inch by 4 inch quads in a modular way, to gain
  • a wide range of sizes.  This allows for purchasing what is needed.
  • Excellent LED product life with no need to to replace lamps.  Typical lamp life is 5 to 10 years.



After years of testing and interfacing with various customers, UVEXS is now manufacturing what we call the 4×4 Quad.  The Quad has 400 LED die on it, split up into four groups. Each group can be independently controlled over a wide range of intensities.  We have four groups, because some customers have clearly stated to us they like up to four (or eight) different wavelengths on their LEDs, thus we came up with the Quad.