CCU: Conveyor Curing Unit

Conveyor Curing Unit


  • Compact, bench top size ·
  • High intensity, full spectrum UV source ·
  • Adjustable power levels: 150, 200, 300 watts/inch ·
  • Stainless steel, fine mesh belt: 6-inch width ·
  • Adjustable belt speed ·
  • UV lamp hour meter ·
  • Easy lamp replacement ·
  • Optional clearance adjustment package ·
  • Standard 48-inch length ·
  • Small footprint ·
  • Complete surface and depth curing ·
  • Production-worthy durable design ·
  • R&D / Testing suitability ·
  • Comprehensive options available ·
  • Flexible, reliable and cost-effective

Description overview

The Model CCU conveyor curing unit is a versatile, high intensity ultraviolet curing system designed for use at a workstation or other bench surface. The system is ideal for laboratory R&D, light production and QA proofing. The innovative modular design allows for selection of a wide variety of feature packages to match the intended use. As a self-contained system, the Model CCU comes complete with a medium pressure mercury lamp assembly, internal power supply and variable speed conveyor belt as one integrated unit. Operator safety is assured with UV opaque shielding and an electrical interlock on removable lamp assembly panels. The clearance through the tunnel may be fixed for relatively flat substrates, or adjustable for objects up to 3 inches in height. All three of the standard UVEXS reflector styles are available for the CCU, allowing the user to select the appropriate level of IR filtering required for his/her application. This CCU is a cost-effective solution to most UV curing applications

Lamp House Module

The UV lamp is contained within a fully shielded, modular assembly. Changing the lamp is simple. The lamp and reflector assembly lift out of the housing to allow access for easy bulb replacement. Fans maintain a stable thermal environment to maximize lamp life, and a duct has been added to remove exhaust air from the work environment. The lamp insert is available in 3 reflector configurations for the desired amounts of infrared (IR) filtration: R1 Configuration – No IR Filtration R2 Configuration – 50% IR filtered R3 Configuration – 95% IR filtered

​Power Supply

A ballast power supply with discrete power level capability is internally mounted. Standard power levels for the lamp are 150, 200 and 300 watts/inch. The system operates at 208-240 VAC, 60 Hz, single phase, with 50 Hz optional.

Conveyor Belt

The belt is stainless steel mesh with a hidden splice. Speeds are available in the following adjustable ranges: 1-10 fpm, 5-30 fpm, 20-200 fpm and 40-400 fpm. A vacuum hold down feature is required for the two higher speed ranges.

Ultraviolet lamp:

  • The CCU system typically comes with a 1800 Watt mercury vapor arc lamp.
  • Lamps are warranted for 1000 hours of operation (prorated).
  • The  Initial warm up is  3 to 5 minutes
  • Conveyor belt: stainless steel mesh, 6-inch width

Vacuum hold down: standard on high-speed systems (40-400 fpm) Input requirements: 208-240 VAC, 60 Hz, 10 Amp (Standard) 208-240 VAC, 50 Hz, 10 Amp (Option) Operating controls: · Power: ON / OFF switch · Intensity LOW / MED / HIGH selector · Conveyor speed adjustment · Conveyor speed indicator, fpm (analog) · Meter operation, hours · Lamp power meter, watts/inch (analog) IR preheat Option available Lamp clearance: (select one) · Fixed, 0.5 inches · Fixed, 1.0 inch · Adjustable, 1-3 inches (48 inch only) Dimensions: Fixed Adjustable Length 36” 48” NA 48” Width 16” 16” NA 16” Height 13” 13” NA 16” Weight 75 lbs 95 lbs NA 110 lbs Exhaust requirements: connect to a facility exhaust recovery system. 60 cfm/KW are required at the lamp house ducting.

The CCU was specifically designed to meet laboratory quality control needs.  Manufacturers of photopolymer inks, coatings and adhesives needed a standard laboratory curing system that could be depended on for years to give repeatable data and consistency of cure data.  Uvexs conveyor systems have been doing the real work for decades for thousands of labs. A technician skilled in mechanical and electrical systems usually can perform all routine maintenance items such as lamp replacement, filter replacement and occasional reflector replacement. If in-depth service is required, a unit can be returned to the factory for overhaul making it good as new.

Ordering Information

Specify reflector configuration style, speed range and input power requirements; also choose fixed or adjustable clearance.

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