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Since our founding in 1977, UVEXS Incorporated has led the way in the design and manufacture of ultraviolet (UV) curing systems and in the formulation of UV curable Marking inks, pad printing inks and adhesives. In-depth technical know how and long-term experience allows our technologists to understand UV technology and its capabilities, then develop meaningful products to serve complex manufacturing applications and provide cost benefit solutions.

What We Do
UVEXS Inc. is a leading Technology corporation within the UV world. We bring to each customer a long history of technical expertise in both photopolymer chemistry and equipment engineering. We have standard product lines and are often asked to customize the chemistry to meet unique and specific needs!

Inks, Adhesives and Coatings
UVEXS designs and manufactures a wide range of UV cured printing inks, UV cured adhesives and UV cured coatings.  Inks are categorized by the substrate to which they adhere, method of application of the chemistry to the substrate, and by the physical properties of the cured chemistry.   Inks may be formulated for bonding to substrates ranging from paper to metals and print using technologies such as offset, screen printing, flexographic printing and pad printing.  Pad printing, as an example, is a method of decorative printing especially valuable for 3-dimensional objects, such as golf balls, industrial parts, syringe barrels, etc. These inks are available directly from
UVEXS, and are also privately labeled to OEM suppliers.   With color matching software and equipment, inks can be developed to match almost any color. Standard and custom formulas are available for decorative, electronic and optical applications from UVEXS.  In particular, bonding, masking and coating products for product assembly have productive uses and enhance assembly and manufacturing processes.

Chemistry Attributes:
UV cured chemistries provide four primary attributes:
*Rapid cure! Normally under 2 seconds, making high volume production extremely fast.
* Excellent abrasion and solvent resistance after cure!
* long pot life! Chemistry will not cure until after exposure to UV light…

Arc Lamp Technology Equipment
From small portable workstation units, like the high intensity spot curing system, to stand-alone conveyor systems, UVEXS offers a wide selection of equipment products for industrial production applications Standard units are available with arc lamps from 6 to 80 inches. Conveyors have been manufactured from 2 to 60 inches in width. Custom equipment can include wider curing conveyors and a variety of lamp types, including mercury, and doped lamp technology. Specialty products for OEM resale and specific applications like PCB conveyance are also available.

One technology that UVEXS innovated and originated was the use of dichroic vacuum coatings on quartz to filter out the IR spectrum of medium pressure mercury vapor lamps. This technology has been used extensively with heat sensitive substrates, protecting them from overheating.

LED Technology

Over the last 5 years, LED curing technology has become very competitive and practical. LEDs have dropped in pricing and increased in efficiency yearly! This has made these systems cost effective giving product attributes that are superior to the older arc lamp technology.

LED Attributes:
* Long life, greater than 10 year life. No bulb replaces.
* No warm up needed: Instant on and off
* Low IR (heat) to your substrate during cure.
* Ability to control UV output with long life consistency.

LED curing systems are available ranging from spot cure 50 watt systems to modules multiples of our 4 inch by 4 inch Quad boards.  The quads can output multiple wavelengths and allow for instant on off switching and adjustable output power. Large arrays of these have been grouped for systems like 24 inch by 24 inch exposure systems for highly uniform exposure systems. High speed web applications are
showing to have long life consistency, for years.

Every equipment project starts with conversations to understand requirements and performance specifications. At UVEXS, we have the latest in design software technology to bring your needs into view and shed light on solutions for your application.  Engineering solutions that follow are taken in collaboration with your technical staff to assure product fit is assured. From design to implementation features, specifications and design criteria follow a cohesive path to assure the product delivered is the product desired. Our engineers work daily with software like SolidWorks and OrCAD platforms ™, and fully document every project for lasting serviceability.

Customer Service

Our team of customer service experts receive, book, acknowledge orders, track orders and supply shipping information so you have immediate access to status information. They are easy to contact and friendly.